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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Advice from Mary Rosenblum

If you aren't following Mary's Newsletter from the Literary Midwife you should be. Chalk full of information, this is one of my secret ways to keep up with the craft. Here's an example.


Got a short story that hasn't sold?  Did you write up a short piece for Good Old Days about Dad and the farm auction back in 1945?  Don't leave it on the hard drive! According to numbers from  Thin Reads, a company dedicated to eBook singles, there were 430 eBook singles published in 2013. One hundred and four of those eBook singles were published in the fourth quarter.  That's a pretty significant uptick and suggests that people are discovering that these short single-story ebooks are a good read on mobile devices.  Great way to pass the time while waiting in that doctor's office or the long Costco line!
According to the report, 170 of those titles were fiction and 260 were nonfiction.   Eighty-one narrative story eBook shorts were published in 2013, and seventy-five were essay and ideas. There were also forty-eight memoirs and fifteen biographies.
I've been suggesting to new authors for some time now that the real value of the short story may not be in some ezine with 75 dedicated subscribers, but as a 99 cent ebook with an attractive cover as a promotional tool.  You won't get rich with those short stories, memoirs, and essays, but you will create fans!

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