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This is the official blog of indie author / adventure writer Andy R. Bunch, author of the fantasy book, "Suffering Rancor." As always, I'll post funny or amazing things I find in my travels or from poking around online. This is a great place to kick back and relax a bit. You may note that I’m not too clean or too dirty. For more information on my book, go to Here are links to first two books and

Friday, September 21, 2012

Origami Kayak?

Okay, I've been really remiss on updating this site, but in my defense I've had a lot going on. In fact I've got some big news to addition to seeing good progress on Suffering Rancor the Audio Book, I'm also very close to landing a job as lead editor of a brand new website with an audience predicted to hit 1 million subscribers in the first month. More details to follow. So today's amazing gadget comes to us via gizmag, and makes so much sense I'm already in love with it. The two hardest things about boating are transporting the boat and storing the boat. Enter this little foldable number.
As always, this post is brought to you by Suffering Rancor:

Monday, September 17, 2012

If you noticed that it's been awhile since I posted, sorry! I got busy finishing my BS degree, then a quick vacation from reality, then I spent August drafting on my next big novel project, while working on the Audio version of Suffering Rancor (which I hope to launch at Orycon in November)...So I've been a little busy. Still, when I ran across this video I had to post it totally innovative device from Guatemala, which I'm sure will be outlawed here instantly. "Oh Andy! You're so cynical." I can hear you think it. BUT remember the Segway? Great idea, ecologically sound, and San Francisco and Portland OR were the first places to outlaw them. I firmly believe that people need, NEED, to experience risk. When we make the world completely safe, or at least suffer the communal delusion that we have done so, we will have destroyed the humane race. Mark my words, we need risk.