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Monday, August 24, 2015

Driving for Uber

I've been driving for Uber for about a month and I love it. It's not a perfect job but it does check certain boxes for a freelance writer. For one thing its very flexible for when/how much you want to work. For another thing, it's not writing. I love writing, but when you write/edit/publish both your own fiction and paid gigs for other folks, you can spend ten to twelve hours a day on a keyboard and it can get a bit overwhelming.

Driving provides an outlet. A way to make some extra cash where I'm using a very different skill set than I do writing. Yes I'm collecting some stories that may one day be a scene in a book, but mainly I'm looking farther away than my laptop screen.

If you want to drive for Uber they are still paying a bonus for folks who start up this month. Follow the link here and use my code when signing up. 31nxwue

Anyway, the one thing that I feel is missing is a community for drivers to share and support each other. So I've created a facebook page to provide that for drivers in my town, and I'm very soon creating a blog. Look for updates soon.