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Friday, August 28, 2009

Simple Math: or is it???

Don't miss your chance to meet Author Andy R. Bunch and Illustrator Corey Pennington at a book signing at Mugs Coffee in Hazel Del this Saturday starting around 3pm. If you haven't yet bought a copy of the book "Suffering Rancor" you can buy one there.

Andy and Corey will also be promoting there book on the tonight sometime between 8pm and 10pm on Cara Cottingham's Show. Woohooo.

BREAKING NEWS....this just in...Barnes and Noble Janzen Beach has stocked two copies of "Suffering Rancor" in there new Sci-Fi/Fantasy section. Blessings upon whomever created that little clerical error--we love you and owe you many foot rubs (unless your a dude...then, uh, thanks and stuff). But seriously, we continue to sell about one copy of our book every two days, which is phenomenal considering that since its release a month and a half ago Corey and I have both moved. We've had no time and less money to spend promoting it. It's all thanks to you guys, the friends and family and co-workers--you ROCK!

Please enjoy today's brain teaser:

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