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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our series continues...

The Scene: This master performance isn't for acting--Its for singing. It should go among the many song performances but its really best for its theatrics and performance. Most people doesn't understand that the singer is Japanese born. The film is incredible in it attempts to capture the heavy metal comic book series, manages to be a successful movie with tons of action, portrays deep philosophical meaning amongst kick ass violence, and has a convincing romance all the while containing Chris Tucker. I gasp for a breath...ok batter now. I have to assume this movie is an accident because if someone set off to do all that they would never succeed. The stars must align too precisely. Hollywood wants to make this film but it doesn't know how. It just makes lots of them and gets lucky here and there. This is a movie you must see, and among its brilliance is this one out of sync with what's going on yet it belongs that it throws down the gauntlet to writers like me and says I dare you to put this in a movie.

Without further ad-due..

and for those who doubted me when I said she was Japanese...

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