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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Amazon may have eliminated your books category!

I just read an article by Penny found at this link.

The upshot is that Amazon found out we writers were hacking their category list and allowing there readers to examine the 50 to 100 titles in exactly the type of material they liked to read. This was a win/win for readers and writers since readers could discover new writers similar to what they like to read already and writers could rise to the top of a smaller group by writing better or promoting more than their peers. Amazon didn't really lose out but what's important is that writers were happy and that can't be allowed.

So now this is handled through themes. Here's how to find your book:
What to do: Go to Amazon, in the search bar select Kindle Store and hit "Go."
Why: This displays all the themes on the left side of the screen.
What to do: Under Kindle Store on the left, click Kindle eBooks
Why: Now we've drilled down one level to the themes for eBooks (recently viewed is now new for you)
What to do: Part way down the screen under "new releases" and other things you didn't ask amazon for you'll see Kindle Store and Kindle eBooks over a list of categories. Probe around and see if your book still appears where you indicated you wanted it when you published it.

You'll notice that by including top authors and series on the left Amazon has essentially turned themselves into the online equivalent of a brick and mortar store. There will always be a protected class of established authors and there will always be a company that claims to be revolutionizing the system while actually perpetuating it.

Here's how to get it in a theme:
When publishing your book simply use the 7 keywords you're allowed to guide Amazon to put your book in the right theme. This feature is supposed to be coming soon to Author Central. It's also possible to gain access to the back end of your book via amazon. I'm not sure how to do that but try this link.

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