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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Local Politics: Charter

If you've driven around Clark County, WA. lately you've probably seen some signs about the charter and wondered what they heck is going on. I'll try to be brief because it's important that you understand this.

Awhile back I spent some time attempting to read up on the move to make Clark County a charter county. There's several charter counties in Washington already, it's a way to run a county more like a business (president and staff with a board, etc.) as opposed to the county commissioner way it runs now. Obviously the structure could be an improvement and many of the folks who are ready for a change wanted to help streamline how things are run (and save money).

The idea arose during the CRC boondoggle and proponents on both sides jumped into the fight over the charter. My support for the charter concept has been in reserve until I could get a clear notion about which side would prevail in designing the exact charter being put up for Clark County. The dust is settling and the election is around the corner--so it's time to level my opinion and sate your curiosity about the charter signs.

The factions that were promoting the Columbia River Crossing (the people who went $100 million over budget on just the environmental impact statement and failed to find a solution that didn't beggar Clark County to enrich Portland and bailout TriMet) have influenced the charter to restore themselves to the power they had before people stopped the bridge.

Here's some links to do your own research if you so desire:
I know the traffic is awful. My wife has to sit in it everyday. It's a nightmare. Most of the $100 million over budget went to one contractor. I believe some of it was funneled into the Obama Presidential Campaign. Vancouver would have lost millions in tax revenue from impacted businesses and there were multiple solutions to the problem that weren't even considered despite being cheaper, faster and less impacting on the people and wildlife involved. Those bridge solutions wouldn't include enough money to build TriMet new headquarters and put a toll on county residents so they weren't considered.

Those people should never be allowed back into power. We barely missed being in the middle of a disaster at their hands.

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