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Sunday, July 19, 2015

It's here, the big announcement (Paradisi Chronicles)

I've joined a crazy crew of Indie writers how are all going to release books on the same day in the same open source universe. It's an idea originally blogged about by Hugh Howey and it caught some of our imaginations so we worked to make it happen.

What sets this apart is that once we've launched our initial round of stories, anyone who wants to can write in this universe. The only rule is that you read through the cannon of information so that you don't change the rules of the universe, that you ask permission of any author before using one of there characters, and that you work to cross promote the other authors writing in this universe.

What I'm most astounded by is the level of interweaving that's been accomplished by a group of authors who didn't all know each other, don't write in the same genre, and don't actually live all in the same city. I mean we've got stories coming out where characters in different novels are in the same elevator at the same time. Two scenes in two different books in the exact same setting.

Well I've been too busy writing to build excitement for the release of the books which will be this September, but we've officially gone public with the project, launched our website and even received a nod from Hugh. So I wanted to get some information out and links to what other authors have done to announce the launch. More information will follow across this month and next. Look forward to updates via every social media outlet at my disposal. LOL.

Blogs about the project from other authors

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