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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Updates Galore!

Hello Friends, Family and Fans,

Lots of great changes and as usual the hardest part is trying to find time to update everyone. Kristin and I have successfully bought a house which you might call a fixer-upper. In the process of fixing up I tore my hamstring and spent a week laid up. 

I did still manage to get to the Sept 25th release party for the Paradisi project, which makes me really proud. However, It's time to shift back to non-fiction projects for a while. I'll give you some hints about that below. (Saber and Science)

On the Health/fitness front. I'm excited to announce that I've kept off more than 50lbs of the weight I lost despite utter chaos this summer. I'll be retooling my fitness plan between now and Christmas as part of my non-fiction/organizing efforts. I'll be certain to post updates here as they come out. If you're an early adapter you can go here: and start now. I've also had success with HIIT and something I call ponder walking. More info to come in the next few months.

So am I done with fiction? Right when I have two series awaiting sequels? No! I've simply entered a new stage in life which is very rich in relationship (wife and daughter, new home) and so full that I'm struggling to make progress on anything that isn't urgent. 

I know that's a very common place to be in these days and I believe I've got some ideas to triple my productivity (or anyone's). I just need to focus what little writing time I get on creating that system for the short run. 

Abraham Lincoln once said if he had three hours to chop down a tree he'd spend two hours sharpening his ax. This is me going to sharpen my ax. I'm really excited about this. 

That's most of the news I can share at this time. 

One last thing: I'm looking for one rabid fan. I'm rebuilding a marketing platform (refocused on my non-fiction) and I'll need to build a new street team. I start by finding one rabid fan to spear head marketing efforts. The position is volunteer, but you do get early access to beta versions of potentially life changing material. You'll also get to see how I implement marketing for projects, (which I shelled out money to learn.)

Thanks for being a loyal follower of this blog. (PS I'll be radically improving this blog too.)

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