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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Third and final installment of ways to save gas mileage...use with caution. Some Extreme Hypermiling Tips Others Use – But... Hardcore enthusiasts really push hypermiling to the edge. Beware; some of their techniques are dangerous and possibly even illegal in some areas. Drafting/Tailgating: Like professional race car drivers, these hypermilers drive up close behind a big vehicle, like a motorhome or big rig, allowing that vehicle to cut the wind for them and reduce their wind resistance. This is dangerous because the distance is so close, you may not have enough time to safely stop. If another driver is doing this behind you, pull over and let them by. Cruising in Neutral or with the Engine Off - In this case, the hypermiler shuts off the engine on big hills and coasts downhill. Others will cut the engines at long traffic lights or unforgiving traffic jams. This can save gas, but may not be safe because power steering and power brakes won't work, giving you less control over your vehicle.

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