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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ultimate Beach Chair

Hanging out on the beach sometimes doesn't consist solely of, well, hanging out. A true beach bum knows that having to get up to get a drink or having to leave the beach altogether because of sunburn is just not acceptable. A new chair called the LoungePac is aimed at keeping those things from proving necessary. The LoungePac is a 22-pound (10-kg) chair that is packed with all kinds of gadgets and goodies for loungers. To start, it transports on wheels in a fashion similar to that of rolling luggage. It folds out from its transport state in about ten seconds, and is then ready to go. A 360-degree umbrella mount is installed, and the umbrella slides right into the slot when the chair is unfolded. The chair also features a cooler with cup holders for keeping drinks close at hand. The chair's leg support can be removed, plus it features a pillow on the back for some added comfort. Last but not least, the LoungePac also comes with a removable tote bag. The back of the chair is adjustable from straight up to laying down. The aforementioned pillow can be removed to allow loungers to read a book while looking through a face hole. The retail price of the LoungePac is US$259, and it is available now through Amazon. Info found at and LoungePac The video below demonstrates the process of unpacking the chair.

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