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Sunday, March 10, 2013

We don’t get old AND stuck in our ways. We get stuck in our ways, which causes us to grow old instead of growing mature. With age comes experience so we should become better, faster, and more efficient. We also gather baggage along the way. When we should be able to take more risks, because we’ve eliminated what doesn’t work. We allow the fear of repeating failures to bring caution. We compliment ourselves for being prudent when our hearts call us timid. We are not so much frail as afraid. The irony is that our fear causes us to repeat our failures. When you get the same results time and again the chances are good that you are responding to baggage. Anxiety occurs when we stress over taking a path our conscious mind wants to take and our unconscious mind resists. We start off toward our goal and end up in a familiar mess. The baggage we most need to be rid of is buried deepest because we have carried it the longest. Every experience we walk away from leaves its mark on us. We must unpack and examine everything we’ve taken away from our like travels or be ruled by baggage instead of guided by experience. Of course without the image of Christ in us we’ve no context to interpret our experience. Take no step alone and you will go boldly no matter your age. If you are interested in more by this author check out "On Becoming a Man"

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