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Monday, July 14, 2014

Coffee and Workout???

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  • Coffee, when consumed in the right way, can in fact be used as a health and fitness enhancing tool
  • In one recent study, athletes who consumed caffeine pre-exercise burned 15 percent more calories for three hours post-exercise, compared to the control group
  • Other functional benefits of a pre-workout cup of coffee include improved microcirculation, pain reduction, improved endurance, muscle preservation, and improved memory
  • When used before exercise, coffee will give you a good boost, and will work to optimize the benefits of exercise; stimulating energy production and fat burning
  • Taken after exercise, coffee is more likely to inhibit recuperation and rather continue mimicking the effects of exercise on your body
  • If you exercise in the evening, you may want to skip the pre-workout cup of coffee however, as it can disrupt your sleep cycle by keeping you alert well into the night
What I recommend before bed is a good book. I'm trying to read before bed each night and drink more water. So I've redone my schedule for the dozenth time this year.

My nightly ritual:
7pm Jeopardy
7:30 Prep Stop
8pm 2hr TV & snuggling with K
9pm watch a comedy & drink 1 glass H2O
9:30 TV Off, Cup of Tea
10pm in bed (Forgive/Be Thankful)

I managed to work water in like this:
H2O Start time to 6:30?
2 glasses after waking up
1 glass 30 mins before meals
1 glass before taking a bath
1 glass before going to bed

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