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Monday, July 28, 2014

Refrigerator money....quick hack, and a better salad!

Ever shove something to the back of your fridge and have it get freezer burn symptoms? This is kinda obvious but it's a good idea to use it to your advantage. Store raw meats in the back of the bottom drawer of your fridge. That's the coldest place in your fridge.

It's the worst place for veggies. I was a bachelor for a long time and I can tell you that many of the evil creatures in my sci fi/fantasy novels were inspired by creatures I found in the "crisper" that I think were once vegetables. Simple reality is this: stick your veggies in front. Right in the way of all the stuff you shouldn't be eating. That's the only way they'll get eaten before they go bad. 

Go through your fridge once a week, I try to do it on Fridays. Tie a reward to it. Allow yourself something you've been wanting to do and you know you're going to breakdown and do anyway--as long as you spend the 12 minutes it takes to clean out the fridge. 

Bonus tip: Don't wash your veggies unless consumption is eminent. It's good to store veggies ready to eat but don't just wash them and throw them in the fridge. They can spoil fast when wet. Salad spinners are great because you can prep a salad and then spin off the water and store it nearly dry. 

The trick to a good salad is changing it up. For years I either bought a huge variety (my own salad bar) and then didn't do it because it's a lot of work, or I bought plain lettuce and didn't eat it twice because it's boring. So here's the balanced approach. Get two to three things you enjoy as a staple and then try adding one guest ingredient that's seasonal/local to keep you palate interested. 

Final tip. garden fresh lettuce is roughly 1,000,000,0000,0000,000 times better tasting than what you get in the store. Lettuce is easy to grow but prone to bugs, gophers, etc. It can be grown hydroponically or in raised beds. If you're serious about salads I recommend growing lettuce and sprouts. Those seem to be the most bang for your effort (in terms of health and taste). 

Okay, one final thing I've said before but feel I must yet again. If you hate the crazy lawn clippings they serve in fancy salads I do too. They say "Iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value, blah blah," but human beings don't eat salad as a source of nutrition. We eat it for roughage. So eat the lettuce that tastes good.

Finally, I've been experimenting again. I'm not do to talk much about it until I've been on it another few weeks, but I'm really excited by my results on Thrive so far. Here's a link to more info if you want to try it before I finish my grand experiment. Bare in mind, all my experimenting last year led to me losing 40 lbs of fat. So I've got a track record of discovering things that work. Well this is a step you can take that's simpler than anything else I've tried.  

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