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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

According to Lee Bellinger, Publisher of Independent Living, there is a trend developing among drivers. They want to find ways to maximize gas mileage. They call them Hypermiling. Here are the tips so far. One foundation is keeping your vehicle well maintained. If your car is in poor shape, the more advanced techniques won't make up for it... Tire Pressure – Inflate your tires to what the tire manufacturer they should be... not what the automaker says. Properly inflated tires keep "rolling resistance" low, which makes your car more fuel efficient. Align Your Wheels – A car that drives straight and doesn't consistently pull to one side saves fuel. Use a Clean Air Filter and Spark Plugs – A dirty filter suffocates your engine and forces it to work harder. Dirty spark plugs don't properly burn fuel, they waste it. Lose Weight – Many people use their trunks as a spare closet, that's a very expensive habit. Reports say 100 pounds of excess weight reduces fuel efficiency by 2% to 5%. Start removing nonessential things that add weight. (Though I do advise you to keep one of my Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Packs (E-Packs) in your vehicle at all times. It only weighs 18 pounds, and it could save your life.) Some committed hypermilers who commute long distances even remove some of the seats. Some say aluminum wheels could weigh less than steel wheels. Extreme drivers even remove the spare tire (not recommended unless you have newer tires, drive only on well-maintained roads, and have emergency road service to get you out of any jam). Another good tip is to wash away excess weight. One hypermiler says his truck easily collects 10 to 20 pounds of gunk and dry mud stuck underneath, especially around the spare tire. Use Lighter-Weight Oil – Adjust based on your circumstances. A lighter (lower viscosity) oil helps your engine to work less. Cut Out Wind Drag – Remove roof racks and other exterior items that produce wind resistance (this could even help cut down on weight). Some go as far as taping up or covering gaps to make smoother aerodynamics. Lowering the rear gate on your truck also significantly decreases wind resistance on most models.

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