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Friday, May 25, 2012

My birthday is coming, the big 41. Also this summer I graduate college. I really feel a new season approaching and I'm thinking a lot about the direction my life has taken, and might take in the future. As many recent disappointments as I've had it seems like new possibilities are just around the corner. I'm finally on my 3 week break (really only 2 but I'm going to stretch it) from college while the last class I need rolls around. I have a whole stack of things to accomplish on this break. It's take the entire first week of my break to reach ground zero on the urgent projects I didn't get to during finals week. (The classes got tougher toward the end of my senior year, crazy I know.) Now my mother is headed over to discuss the things I'm going to do for her on my break. Good grief. I literally just got broke the surface. Still I think I'll be able to fit most of it in during my break...somehow...and even if I don't I'm having a lot more fun trying than I did doing homework. In addition to revising not 1, but 2 books this break, and bidding on an editing deal for a 4 book series, and prepping a short story anthology, I MAY have a new super secret project to be excited about. I hope to find out soon, and I hope I can talk about it once its in the bag. We'll see. Well I'm off to begin my organizing binge so that I'm ready--for tonight is man cave night, beer and cigars, and BBQ, and etc. Woot! Your's truly,

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