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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adventure Within

I've occasionally indulged my love of inner Adventure on this blog. I truly believe the most frightening, most breathtaking, most profitable adventure lies within the human being not outside. The ultimate expression of adventure is that transcendent moment when the beauty of nature, or the wildness of a creature, reaches inside our chests and touches something that makes us come alive. It's the bracing chill of freshly melted snow pack. It's the touch of spring sunshine on our skin. The smell of fresh cut grass or BBQ. These are the moments that speak to something bigger than the daily grind.

My buddy Sam writes a blog about such things and I recommend it every chance I get.

In this installment he's talking about hearing from God in prayerful reflection. Good stuff and very informative. As I try to highlight fun things here on this blog, I also want to speak to the 3 levels of adventure--from casual to critical. The most critical adventure is the journey into you're own heart. When you find your heart, you will discover how to live as a complete person. You will gain the power to withstand all that life throws at you. I'll try to post a recommended reading list to start you on your journey and I'm always available to encourage you. Take the trip inside.

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