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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tour Update

It's been a busy and turbulent week since my last Wednesday update. Lot's of progress but no big milestones to report, so it's one of those challenging updates to write. I couldn't write Sunday because I was busy working on settling into the 5th wheel. Fortunately, I wrote a chapter and a half on Saturday and Monday so I stayed on pace. Yesterday was uber-productive I was up at 6am to take advantage of the morning cool to play tetris in the garage and wrote about 2k words. So I'm still exactly 2 weeks behind on both organizing and writing. That's not too bad considering how irrational my scheduled plan is. I've built in some less busy months in the middle of the summer so if I don't fall further behind I should be able to make it up before fall. That's not including the financial goals which took a big hit when my website contract fell through. However, I didn't plan to make giant steps on building a war chest till later this summer so I don't consider myself behind there yet. There's every chance that I will be a month or two delayed in leaving on at least one front, but I'm still going to try to make my goal departure of March 2014. So to recap: WIP is Vancouver Scooter Club Mystery (working title of the pilot) Word count is 40,500. 8 chapters (8 days) to go before finished Projected final size roughly 60,000 words Projected date of complete first draft May 15th. Still to do this month: I'm waiting on the edits for the audio book version of "On Becoming a Man" which is behind schedule but could come in any day. I need to design the cover for that audio book. One linchpin of this entire plan is the tweet from Jack Canfield that I won back in January. I need to schedule that SOON! I'm also continuing to tweek my organization system (making great strides) but I need to design a new action hopper I thought up. If I can do all that I'll be caught up to the end of April, WOOT! LOL. Then I need to dig into learning new skills at promotion. I've got a ton of resources I need to start gleaning through. I also need to start on the next set of writing projects. The next work in progress shall be... Revising my steampunk novel! (Crowd Cheers) Well I'd better get back to it.

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