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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Writing and Life Update

We'll first I wanted to touch on a subject of personal revelation. I was eating breakfast with my mother this morning and talking about the efforts we are both making to eat better and live healthier. I mentioned that research I've done on health recently revealed that a chief source of stress, high BP, obesity etc. is merely our sedentary nature. I've always been slammed in the face with the condemnation of "being lazy" when someone made a statement about that in the past, but recently I've been able to focus past that. The main difference is that the research was specific. It's not about laziness--most of us work our butts off. It's about how long we sit. I literally need to have my butt in a chair to do most of the things I do. My most successful days are spent in a coffee shop abusing caffeine and glancing up at the sun outside a window. I love being in the sun also, but I'm not productive at work related things. The studies I'm finding indicate that we need to get up every 20 minutes or so and walk around in order to keep our metabolism running. Our lives might depend on it. Anyway, I've tried to do it before but I'm redoubling my efforts to build movement into my day. It's not so much that I don't like the periodic breaks in my writing--it's that I love being hyper-focused on a difficult project. I stopped in the middle of my discussion and nearly cried because it hit me right in the gut. When I'm wrangling with something difficult to understand I feel a father's love. It might sound a little crazy, but I used to sit beside my father while he invented things that didn't exist and bent the laws of physics to his will. He would explain what he was doing to me and I would push my faculties to the brink of insanity to comprehend what he was explaining. If you can picture, I was probably 4 or 5 years old when I sat on a stool while my father soldered circuit cards and talked about gravity, the Bernoulli principle, cavitation, and how the crystalline structure in metal changed when you heated and cooled it. To this day I'm happiest when I can push my brain out beyond its boundaries and I'm downright grumpy when someone interrupts me. Just a bit of self knowledge I acquired today and thought I'd share. Update: I caught myself procrastinating on two categories of emails. Between them they'd gathered about 250 emails, I've processed about 100 of them. Not very exciting, but it had to happen. My personal health plan, which has been a going concern for several years, reached the top of my project hopper so I've been tackling it while I let "footless" rest. I'm not intending to release the health book I wrote to the public, but I needed to merge, summarize, and record my research into a personal plan and that's now pretty much in beta. Again, not exciting news for those who want an update on product coming out, but these two weeks I'm letting my WIP sit. What I had slated for this two weeks was to publish the audio book for "Becoming Man" and designing covers for the short stories that will be released to Kindle as part of my anthology. I simply had too much on my plate to get those things done. Nor did I get all my belongings sorted and purged. Grr! What I did get done--designed a cover for the audiobook of "becoming man." ( (I'm not giving up on audio books but my sound guy has now had a death in the family which has pushed the release back yet again. There's a bit too much of audio books that are outside my control and that's really killing me.) I'm within 3 sections of finished with the book I'm writing on getting organized. I've met twice with my new partner and tech guru who will be designing the application side of that project. We also have a more creative project in the works, as busy as I am this year, I'm shoving these two new projects in at the top because I'm exuberant about having a talented IT guy to collaborate with for the first time ever. I'm 3 chapters from finished reading the "4hr work week" ( which is this month's non-fiction/self improvement book. I will try to review it here when done. BUT Today and tomorrow are nearly completely devoted to preparing for Friday night's Bard's and Brews. I rounded up all the appropriate cards and books (a minor miracle considering the chaos of my move). Tonight I'm practicing my reading skills to make sure I'm under 12 minutes. I want to give time to take questions and update folks on progress. The question is, can I start my kickstarter campaign in time to launch it at that event. I REALLY want to, but I've never done a kickstarter before so can't commit to finishing in time. I will do a special update if I get it going! I can't wait till June so I can start revising my mystery "Footless and Fancy Free."

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