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Friday, July 12, 2013

A Little Fun A Little Update

Update! The Author Speed Date went well. Thank you to Tigard Library, in particular Eric! I got to finally meet some NIWA authors I mainly know from the forum posts. I made some great new connections and got to see my long time writing friend Gail. If anyone is looking for an editor she's got some room on her plate. Send my a comment with some contact info and I'll connect you. July 19th and 20th will be the Robin Hood Festival. I'm supper excited for that event. It begins after 6pm Friday and runs all day Saturday. Details here. I'm adding a couple events. August 4th the Local Loyal event will be at the Hilton in Downtown Vancouver. Details here. I'm doing another August event in Vancouver, Sunday Streets Alive. I'm not sure which of their vendor locations we'll be at but I'll update you all soon. I'll include some links to my fellow authors info for these two events as well. Until then here's enough to wet your appetite. On a more personal note, I'm supper stoked to announce that I've got my little Suzuki SX4 back. Long story, but the net positive is that I'm mobile again and I need to give a big thanks to my mom for her help in getting it all done and for sharing her car with me during the weeks I was carless. For those who are tracking my writing progress...I'm a mere 11k words behind my editing goals. So despite having some crazy cleaning and organizing goals to catch up on and being way behind on emails etc. I will probably take a chunk out of this weekend and go radio silent until I can catch up on editing.

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