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Friday, July 26, 2013

Better Fire Starting

I can't tell you how many times I watch a show on survival on one of the adventure challenges and their survival "expert" tries to start a fire by basically spinning a stick with his/her hands. They may actually be a much more experienced survivalist than I, but I have one advantage that they don't. I know that if you take your shoe lace off and make a bow out of one stick, then use a block to protect your hand, you can get a fire faster with less energy. Here's a link to a great instructable if that fast description wasn't enough. On another note, the my add was flagged and taken down from craigslist. I posted it below. I can't imagine what their problem is with it. Adam Copeland suggested that competitors might be flagging other people's adds. That's possible i suppose. Do you have a brilliant idea of a book inside you but you aren’t sure you want to spend the 10,000 hours to become an expert writer? Maybe you are an expert at something and a book would make a great passive revenue stream. Or maybe you just want to capture Grandma’s life story before it’s lost forever. I’m an experienced writer/editor/ ghost writer with a fiction novel under my own name, a co-authored non-fiction, and three entirely ghost written books that I sadly cannot refer you to as I’m not credited. That’s the point of ghosting, right? I’m also a founding member of the largest Indie Publishing association in the Northwest with countless hours helping folks bring their ideas to market. Due to a rare summer lull, I’m running a special discount on projects larger than 10,000 words. I will drop my normal hourly rate to $25. An hour of writing from me is an honest hour; I stop the clock for breaks.

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