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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Perspective on Problems

According to my schedule I needed to post this yesterday, but I’d only half birthed the idea, and I needed to spend the day with my mother before she went into the hospital for some fairly common procedures. She’ll be fine, I’m certain, but it doesn’t stop her from feeling nervous. I don’t blame her. Anyway, my thoughts revolve around the difficulties that face us in life. It feels as though we are beset by challenges, attacked by pain, and grieved by loss on a frequent basis and our inclination is to mitigate these factors. We must, however, be careful that our strive to do better doesn’t become a flight from hurt. Such a life is ruled by the fear of things which may not come to pass, or which may in fact be inevitable. Nor can we forget the sweet taste of hard fought victory. To a brave few, the very presence of a mountain is challenge enough to climb it. We don’t need to join them. Whether your run or away from fear, it is still controlling you. We don’t need to respond to every opportunity for risk, but neither can we turn away from every bad thing. In fact, failure, pain and loss are not bad; they are naturel to this world. The road ahead will lead uphill and down again, but if you would honor the Devine Spark of your existence, then you must be willing to see suffering as natural. By facing challenge and hardship we mature as people. The answer to which challenges to take on lies in who you are. What must be refined in you? In what way must you grow? I believe we blame God for the blessings of hardship when we should be thanking Him for it. The key is to know that we are loved by God. That makes all the difference.

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