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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Better Late Than Never: Update on Writing and Life

Well I'm putting today in the win column. I love breakthrough. Have you ever had those days when you try to do what you planned and something hangs you up, and then you discover that you need to do something you hadn't planned on which takes longer than it should and then next thing you know you haven't accomplished anything at all and you're beat anyway. Well it's been like that for most of the week. BUT today, was a breakthrough kind of day. The kind of day when things become unstuck. I was a little leery of today's task because I'd decided to update my project hopper and I knew I was waaaay behind schedule. So today I officially registered that I'm a month behind schedule. I have a ton of editing to do on my last project and I really want to draft something else for CampNaNo in July. I still have a couple decisions to make but it's looking like July's NaNo project is going to be editing my mystery. But I'm really happy with book I grabbed at the library called Novel Shortcuts, by Laura Whicomb. I'm getting a lot of gems from it that are going to pay off in this revising phase. So, as always, I feel better after updating my hopper because I get all that crap out of my head. When the hopper is clogged I know that I've been shoving things in there that are too big and they are sitting around while I chip away at them. I don't see the forward progress and the excitement leaves. So I managed to get those things broken up and I feel good about them. I have had a bunch of browsing issues lately and I noticed that my pop-up blocker icon would flash right when the problems occurred. These are trusted sites that would hang because of the blocker so I disabled it. Lately I've been thinking of sites that I gave up on because they weren't working and going back to them to see if they work now. It's like magic! They work now. I saw an item in the hopper about updating my website which has been pushed back several times because I couldn't make the editor work. So I was able to cross that action step off the list--it brought much satisfaction. Check out It's all new and working. Actually I was having trouble getting links to work on this site too and they work now too, WOOT! I also squeezed in a hair cut and finished reading the 4 hour work week. And I finally made pinterist work. Which brings me to today's amazing thing. Check out this picture from my Pinterest page. It should be self explanatory, but basically you can carry some arrowheads in your wallet as part of a multi-tool and if you need to make some arrows for your survival bow the hardest part of the whole process is already done for you. You can also make an arrowhead out of the lid from a tuna can in urban survival situations. Just keep folding it in half and crimping it with a vise or hammering it, then use a hacksaw to cut away the excess of the remaining pie shape and you have an arrowhead shape. But that requires some tools and some time. Well not much else to report except that I have a poster for the upcoming July 10th Author Speed Date at the Tigard Library from 7 to 8:30, but it's in PDF so I don't think I can upload it here. I will try. PS I got Amanda Friteig of Chopped fame to send my mother a tweet. Win!

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