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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tour Update part ??

Well a couple things are working finally. Despite the setback of not having a car again suddenly, I'm feeling more centered again. I think God has something better than that car in store for me. A better fit, maybe. There is always a blessing wrapped in a trouble. I'm always amazed at how hard it is to remember the lessons I learned when I'm overcome with disappointment. I took a step back and prayed about it, and as a result I felt strongly that I needed to go back to my planning documents and remember the bigger picture of my life. I needed to update it anyway. While I desperately need to perform my monthly update on the tour plan I'm really wanting to write up a checklist for writing/publishing/marketing myself and my books. It's been on my heart to do so for awhile, and it would contribute to updating the plan in this instance, because I have a hunch I'm falling behind because I've neglected to capture some of the steps I'm performing. As in I wrote down too big a chunks, and some chunks are missing. So when I get to those chunks I stop feeling progress toward my goals despite doing so much work. Then it becomes easy to get caught up spinning wheels and being busy instead of doing the things that move my project forward and then next thing I know I haven't looked at the plan in a while. It can be a vicious cycle. I also didn't realize how many of the things I'd been learning lately I hadn't captured, and the number of things I jotted down in random places but didn't combine into a usable document. Creating my own checklist has brought so much clarity and really cleaned out a cash of open loops I'd had floating about in my unconscious. I'm going to share a rough draft of what I've done so far. I still have about half a dozen resources to consult to add to this. I recommend that every Indie writer create a personal writing/publishing/marketing checklist at some point. Here's the rough draft... Writing steps 1. Idea (don’t start until you know the end and either the start or middle) a. Think of a working title b. Make a folder for project c. Build a playlist, find pictures of main characters 2. Composting (in your head 1st then on index cards) a. Resource base/motive, or problem to overcome b. Develop Main Characters (Protagonist, Antagonist, killer/victim/sleuth) c. Locations & objects (guns, cars etc.) 3. Outline (see writing a mystery.doc) (all acts have beginning, middle, end) a. ACT I (Hook, Middle scene, Plot Point #1) b. ACT II (Open scene, Midpoint, Plot Point #2) c. Act III (Open scene, Climax, Dénouement) 4. 1st draft (fast and rough) a. Take notes on changes and proceed as if you’d always intended it that way b. Omit unknown things that don’t matter (bit characters names, locations, etc) 5. Rough draft/author revision (address notes-to-self, fill in blanks) 6. Send to Alpha reader 7. Alpha Revision (respond to continuity, character feedback & plot holes) a. show not tell, cut adverbs and unneeded words b. verify all elements are present, continuity 8. Beta Reader/editor (focus on storytelling, pacing, audience appropriate language & realism) 9. Beta Revision (if needed verify that changes were successful) 10. Send to line editor (Punctuation, grammar, typo, spelling) 11. Edit revision Publishing Steps ( author bio, mug shot, book formatting, from marketing platform) 1. Create a folder to store finished formats (CS, KDP, Smash, ebooks, & audio) 2. Send off for reviews 3. Develop Cover art and back cover copy (consider paying a pro) a. High color contrast, eye catching, genre appropriate, 4. Format and upload to CreateSpace (Expanded Distribution $40) a. Order proof copy b. Approve and order books 5. Format and upload to Kindle a. Decide if doing select b. Upload to smashwords, (kobo writing life, iBookstore, nook press) 6. Fulfill kickstarter obligations Marketing steps 1. Marketing You--Branding (include nom de plume, font, color scheme, personal logo) a. Create folder to hold links/passwords to social media (short URLs b. Get pro-photos of you c. Write Bio in Three versions: 75 words, 200 words, 500 words. 2. Build a Virtual platform (Community, visuals) a. Website for your book (Weebly $0 or wordpress $0, hosting $??/yr, URL $??/yr) i. Bio page, cross links to you and friends, link to blog, link to book retailors ii. Write book synopsis, three versions: One sentence; 50-100 words; 250-300 words iii. Optional Contact me page (capture contact info) iv. Calendar of events (google cal can be imbedded) b. Blog ( $0) (1 way conduit of communication) i. Pick your expertise to give away, draw/promote community c. Create Social Media Community (a 2 way conduit of communication w/ fans) i. FB Author page, (plus page for each book/series) ii. Twitter ($0 better conversion) iii. Pinterist for books targeting women d. Build a mailing list (Google.doc $0, constant contact $??) e. Amazon Author Central page can replace your website as a hub i. Need one for each country (.co.Uk, De, Fr,, etc.) 3. Build a Physical platform a. An office/writing space & Inventory space for books, b. memorize elevator pitch (see back cover copy) c. Business cards, posters/banners, d. Mobile: Canopy w/ weights, folding chair, swag, change ($40 in 5s) trolley e. Credit processing (paypal, Square, etc.) f. Press package: clippings, video, pics, of you at events 4. Kickstarter ( 5. Book Launch 6. Events 7. Virtual Marketing (FB adverts, goodreads ads, bookbub, kindle free days) Upcoming events: I need to hear some live music to heal my soul so I'm going to hit an Amber Sweeney show either Friday (Fat Moose in Woodland or Saturday (Malabu's downtown Vancouver: If I don't get to the Fat Moose Friday I'd like to go to Bards and Brews in Hillsboro ( to support my friends as they read their material. My next event is the Robin Hood Days in Sherwood, OR. ( I'm also in the works on getting a part of a booth for Vancouver Sunday Streets Alive (

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