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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update on Life and Writing

This is a picture of my new car, I'm very excited and blessed to have. Some have commented that I don't seem as overjoyed as someone should be when they get the most expensive/newest/coolest car ever. I can't really explain what's wrong with me. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, maybe. Waiting for the disappointment that seems to chase every really good thing that happens to me in life. Most of all I hate to even express such a stinky attitude. The closest I can come to explaining is to post a video about choice from TED talks. It sorta gets at what I think is going on with me. Anyway! Onto brighter subjects... I had a light bulb from God sort of realization this morning, and realized that I'm in a dry spot with my editing because I need to read a fiction/for fun book. I usually read one fun book, one non-fiction/self improvement type of book, and one devotional/inspirational book in the same time frame. I go through the fiction so much faster, I've been trying to catch up on the non-fiction pile. I'm just running dry with all the distractions lately. Sometimes life gets in the way. Often, its very good things that interrupt. I'm not stressed about the interruptions, but I'm distracted and struggling to regain focus. I don't know about you, dear reader, but I am most relaxed when I'm laser focused on something. I have a limited capacity to multitask and I don't enjoy it at all. So I'm excited to give myself permission to go get a book to read for fun. Along those lines: I must confess that I'm a paper book reader. I'm not put off by reader electronic and I've owned ereaders--I just find that if I have a stack of physical books to read and a folder full of ebooks, I'll read the physical books first every time. That's another reason I haven't gone to buy another physical book. I own some friends books that I "should" be reading so I can review them. Sadly, I need to just break down and hit a book store or library and grab physical book to devour. An ebook just won't hit the spot right now. Especially when I'm editing my own work electronically. Well this is a long post...the big update is that Josh confirmed that he's very close to having the audio done on my "Becoming Man" project. I released the short story "The Dark Djin" and got it added to my author central page US/IT/UK/DE. I'm getting there with my research on kickstarter. That looks like it'll be all consuming when I start so I may need to push it back till I've taken care of a lot of loose ends. So be it.

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