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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Better Late than Never

Soooo....I missed yesterday's update on here, but I was distracted by car shopping. Successful car shopping! I bought a Kai Soul. This will be the 3rd time I bought a car I swore never to own. My big challenge with this car, aside from Kia's bad reliability in its early years, is the mouse commercials that I detest. But if you are as picky about interior design as I am and you sit in it, you'll probably be impressed. So I'll update this blog if I run into mechanical issues, but for now I'm happy. Also, I got a call from my studio guy and the audio book for "Becoming Man" should be complete this week. I really hope so. Here's a link to the Kindle edition: I'm also proud to announce the release of a short story: "The Dark Djin" I'll try to post a free sample tomorrow. Here's a link: Onto the topic I wanted to write about for today. I've scrupulously channeled my political ramblings onto my Facebook page and kept this site for the three broad categories that I want to spend most of my time contemplating. Monday's post should be about physical/spiritual health, but I'm preoccupied of late with thoughts of the movie "We Were Soldiers." In that movie Lt. Col. Hal Moore must give a speech at the new airborne ranger division's formation/graduation from training. There's so many things he could say, or avoid saying, and I find it interesting what he chose to include. First, he stripped them of a nationality-based identity while in uniform, saying instead that they were now one race, American, and one color, Green. This is a remarkable and unifying sentiment and the right thing to tell people who must pull together to do what no one wants to do, but must be done. The next thing he says though, which is what I can't get past, is that he makes them promises. He can't promise that they'll be safe, or that they won't face atrocities, or that they will live through it. So he promises what he can, that his boots will be the first on the soil and the last to leave, and that dead or alive they will all come home together. The reason this touches me so deeply is the contrast with this administrations handling of Benghazi. I don't need to waste your time restating what you already can see. The movie exemplifies the five qualities of leadership that I believe in. 1st Honesty: don't make a promise if you don't know that you can follow through. 2nd Unity and clear purpose for action. 3rd lead from the front. 4th Loyalty: never, ever leave a friend or someone you are responsible for, out to dry. 5) Integrity: follow through is the foundation of honesty. I'm sick of being called racist because I'm critical of the current administration. I'm critical because the current commander in chief has demonstrated that he lacks any of the qualities of leadership. He is unfit for the job he's taken on. Thanks to IMBD for refreshing my memory:

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