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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Home and Garden Show

I had a great weekend selling my books at the Fall Home and Garden Show. It's been awhile since I've had a truly successful one like that. Mostly because I've been trying to write/edit more even if that means marketing less.

We sold 95 books total, so everyone got a chunk of the action. I sold about 8. Our neighbors were great. To the left we had a zipfiz booth, which may be at least partly behind my positive, can-sell, attitude for 4 days with very little sleep. That stuff works!

Across the isle was a nice lady with the worlds best lunch box. If you haven't checked out LunchSense lunch boxes before you've got to do so. They aren't cheap, but I just thought they were cool.

I took Monday to hang with Kristin and recoup from the weekend. Now it's back to work. Today's focus is organizing. It's time to finally do the re-planning that I've been threatening to do for awhile. God arranged for that trip across the country earlier this year and I may get to do another one of those. I'm not sure. They make great exploratory trips for my book tour, but the book tour itself is not going to happen as planned. I've had a number of great developments that make it harder to fit in, plus I didn't get as many books ready to launch as I thought I'd have. I contemplated just scaling it back but I decided that I would rather shove it off until I can do it right. Probably 2015. In the mean time, I will be getting at least one book out between now and Spring. So I'm off to do my replanning, I'll let everyone on here know when I get the new schedule set.

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