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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome to October! Writing, Book Sales, and Kickstarter, OH MY!

Well I know I'm not updating 3 times a week like I planned to. I've fallen behind like crazy. I've been more than just busy, I've been actually throwing a lot of time behind "secret" projects that I couldn't talk about. I'm drawing near the end of those and I'm also trying to set aside time to revamp my plan for the book tour next year. It's getting tough to cram everything in, we'll see.

Writing Update:
I'm working on a project I still can't reveal, but it's going well.
I did manage to start re-reading Suffering Rancor so that I can get some details for the outline of Rancor 2.
I'm in the final stages of an editing project which I think the author will publish in October.

Health Update:
I have about half a dozen crazy diet foods that I've tried out but I don't have time to blog them just now.
Both Kristin and I have decided to go back on cycle one of the Virgin diet, probably Nov. 1. Am I a little freaked out about hard core dieting and writing a novel in a month? Naaaayyyyyyeeessss. Oh hell yes.

Events Update:
Big news on the event front. Starting with the Fall Home and Garden Show. NIWA will have a booth there and I shall be at it as much as they'll let me.

Starting today, my kickstarter with Rick Randall goes live. Check it out here--
The goal here is to verify market interest in a new type of greeting card. We'll use the information we learn from this campaign and the money we raise with it, to found a publishing company that will produce more of these unique cards, find more ways to highlight Rick's photography and possible explore more publishing projects.

We'd love any feedback and please share the link on your facebook, twitter, or by emailing it to friends.

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