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Monday, October 28, 2013

Update and Bonus: Quick Travel Tips

If you aren't following me on Pinterest you're missing out on some cool things I find for example:

Here's how to find me on Pinterest:

I also have a brand new author page. I'm working out the details on what gets posted where, but the idea is to draw author stuff away from my personal page. I have been trying to use my book page for that, but as my non-fiction work continues to grow I need something other my individual book pages to cover all that's going on. So I have a page for
my writing business:
Suffering Rancor:
On Becoming a Man:
Author Andy Bunch:

So follow my author page! There's less politics and religion. LOL

So there's a ton going on, which keeps me from updating like I want to. The rumored engagement is true. I'll try to post some more details and some picks about Mid-November. Kristin is a very private person so one of the delays in being able to keep this updated is being sensitive to her wishes. As I'm able to shift things around, like my facebook pages, I'm confident I can get back up to speed with communicating with my readers and other authors. Rest assured you are all very important to me, and I will get things back on track soon.

In publishing news! The semi-firm release date for my secret project is November 15th. This will be a non-fiction novella. The story follows a courageous woman as she immigrates from an oppressive middle-eastern family to a family of her own and freedom in the US. It's inspiring and it's been a real pleasure to ghost this story for the author. This is a must read for Christians and for women, and I think it will be very popular.

For those concerned that all this net silence means I'm not working on the sequel to Suffering Rancor, fear not. I've had some great revelations about challenges in the original plot outline and how to break through. This week, I'm drafting the detailed, scene by scene, working outline as I usually would just before NaNoWriMo. I will update this post later today when I get logged into the NaNo site and post a way to find me so you can join me in this years NaNo. I will only be drafting 30K this November though, as at least two BIG things are going to eat ten to twelve days.

I thinks this is pretty good for now. I don't want to overwhelm you. LOL.

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