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Thursday, September 11, 2014

I eat meat!

I'm a meat eater. I grew up SDA (Seventh Day Adventist, which is not Mormon, or Jehovah's Witness). About 50% of SDAs are vegetarian. It's an interesting story to look into--Kellogg, Post and the lot at Battle Creek Michigan, but not the topic of this post.

I grew up eating meat some and not-meat whenever we were around other SDAs. So I have some experience on both sides of the fence. I've known my share of Vegans, etc. as well. But I still believe in eating meat. We eat too much meat in our society and we're too far removed from the act of killing, which is probably why. Another side effect of paying others to do our killing is that we are wasteful. I've caught fish, killed and ate them. I've mercy killed a couple small animals and my friend and I once bought a goat and BBQ'd it. I'm not a big hunter but only because I've not found time to take it up among all the other hobbies I've got. I didn't enjoy killing any of the animals including the fish.

There's a relationship between death and life. It's not something that can be commuted from one person to another. It's an unwelcome lesson we must learn along our journey. Washing our hands of the acts that bring us our meat has created a stunted maturity in western adults. Worse than that, its created an environment of ignorance about how animals are raised. So most mass produced meat is not healthy for us. I can't compel anyone to go face the realities of death as a factor of life--I can only make a suggestion and move on, but I am making that suggestion.

In an interesting twist of fate, the meat substitute market has also fallen to greed and created unhealthy monstrosities in the pursuit of an alternate to killing animals. Watch the video for more information. Thanks Dr. Mercola.

At a glance:
  • Quorn is a fungus-based ferment used in food production as a meat substitute. It was originally developed by one of the largest chemical companies in Great Britain
  • The fungus Fusarium venenatum is first grown in large fermentation vats. Once the water is removed, what is left is a paste-like biomass, which is then processed into various food products
  • Since its launch in 1985, several studies have raised concerns about Quorn’s safety—especially in people with food and/or mold allergies
  • Reported adverse effects from Quorn include nausea, cramps, diarrhea, forceful vomiting, and anaphylactic reactions
  • While factory-farmed meats are best avoided, organically raised, grass-fed or pastured animal products provide valuable nutrients that have no equivalence in the plant kingdom

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