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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Spiritual Health post x?

I'm not sure where this falls in the numbering system I once had. I should go back and relabel my archive, but things are chaos right now. I've just begun a season of life where my wife returns to a good paying job that no longer feeds her heart and I'm the childcare for our 4 month old daughter. I love her and enjoy her. It's not difficult, but it presents some challenges.

So I'm struggling to keep up with the things in life that are important to me. It's a theme with me, and most people I know, the tyranny of the urgent. I haven't worked out for the second morning in a row. Yesterday I was still recovering from a muscle pull but I ate like a pig all day. This is not me. I intend to change it.

Rebooting my life and my attitude is something I'm good at. Back in 8th grade a teacher made the observation about me, in front of me, in a parent teacher conference, that he's never seen anyone so capable of pulling themselves up by the bootstraps. So here's my method.

The thing we often think of last, the pinnacle of Mazlo's pyramid, is the area that has the greatest impact on us. Imagine a light at the center of a circle. You want to create a wedge of darkness in part of that circle. The closer you stand to the light the bigger shroud of darkness you cast behind you.

It's the same way with things that are troubling you. The issue is never in the physical. They are almost always metaphysical. One reason most of us fall short of truly routing out the problem is that we aren't aware of the deepest, truest part of ourselves. We think we are body and soul, or body, soul and mind. We are body, soul, and spirit.

Our soul is our emotions, our intelligence, and our will power. Yes there's something deeper. It's our place of connection to God (Or the universe for my friends who can't bring themselves to personify a deity). We are built in God's image. He intended something when he made us. The seat of God in our lives is our heart. Everything we say about heart (or in old times the gut) is essentially scriptural. We can learn something by heart. We can fight on when all else has given up from our heart. We have desires in our heart.

If you can cut through the physical, horizontal things that are going on, and then get past the soul-level issues like discouragement, you'll often find a deeper thing in your heart that needs adjustment. Fix that and you can be reinvented.

In my case today its acknowledging that I'm not under the law. Romans 7 says that if a husband passes away a wife is no longer bound to him and may remarry. Likewise, since we are dead in Christ we are not bound by the law of sin and death. I've been missing the mark--not living how I want and know that I can live. Beneath that, I've got a crappy attitude. Beneath that is pride. I really want to create in my life, the results that I desire. But I can't train and coach myself too far beyond what I've already got. I need a source of wisdom beyond my own and I need to acknowledge that God cares enough for me to fix me. I need to trust my coach and not my own understanding.

This season is overwhelming, but it's the best thing for me somehow. I can be overcome and wounded by it, or it can be an intimate adventure with God that grows me. I chose to go beyond what I know I have in me, and that's the secret to becoming renewed.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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