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Sunday, April 8, 2012


It's a big word. It can refer to something people have in a particular instance, like having faith that everything will turn out. It can also mean the denomination someone hails from, as in this is what I believe. We are really referring to religion in that use of the word. I have a very strong faith, which surprises a lot of people, because I'm one of the least religious people you'll meet. At least I hope I'm not religious at all.

When you believe in something, it effects your life. You will make certain decisions based on your beliefs. We all walk out our faith, to borrow a term from Christianity. I can hear my atheist friends getting ready to argue, but they need to chill. Believing their is no God is an act of faith. It's a belief system that effects how they live. I believe in God, but in a very rebellious manor. I actually dare to think that he likes me, and that He's a likable guy. This is enough to set me outside most mainstream religion and yet it won't get me accepted by the atheists either. I'm fine with that. I don't need the affirmation of either group.

When the way we walk out our faith needs to mesh with those around us we either conflict with them or mesh with them. This is the force that causes Christians, who are called to be one body, to form denominational groups so they can avoid the appearance of conflict. I'll get off the topic soon, I just want to explain that I'm not anti-God, but I can be very sacrilegious.

When I say I'm outside these groups, I don't mean to say I'm alone. Here's a couple places to look for some good outside the box views on topics of faith and religion.

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