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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wash your clothes on the go

I have a beef with washing machines. I like them I just don't think we design them for modern use. The modern washing machine is designed for the 1950's house wife. You have two separate units and you must move the cloths between them. This allows you to do two loads at once, in theory. So if you are going to be home all day and you have a family's worth of laundry to do, only the first and last load are inefficient (running only 1 machine at a time).

My idea would be an all in one washer/dryer. I know they have them for RVs, but I mean a full size one in the home. You put a load in before work and it washes and drys. Then when you get home you put in another load and it washes and drys. Probably could put one in over night as well. That's about all the time the average person has to check on laundry these days. Those same 3 checkings in my system would be 3 loads done. In the current system would result in 3 half loads at least one of which would have to be redone. Therefore everyone just does there laundry on the weekend. I think it's much better to do it throughout the week, without having to think about.

Here's a newish invention for doing your laundry on the road while traveling.

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