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Monday, April 9, 2012

Living in the Future

It occurred to me just the other day, that I'm living in the future. It may be the present for the teenagers running about, but for me, it's the future. I'm really impressed by a lot of the gadgetry we've managed to come up with, but I also feel a little ripped off. Where's my personal jet pack?

We at the very least they should be able to make me a flying car...then again since their are roughly $7,000 in safety features built into a car before they spend a dime on any other design features it would take a miracle to make a car that also meets FAA standards. ($7K, explains why cars are so expensive and still don't have any headroom.)

We here are a couple flying cars just to show that imagination is not actually dead in the auto industry.

This one I like a little better. I think their will be a few 1st world enthusiasts who would buy a flying car but most users will be missionaries and flying doctors. This second one seems like a better design for that purpose and I believe its connected to the son of Nate Saint, one of the missionaries killed in 1956 by Ecuadorean villagers.

This is the flying car that's perhaps closest to production.

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