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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

After Action Report: Loyal Local 2013

I over slept a little but I had plenty of time to set up as long as I skipped breakfast...

...but I got coffee, Hurrah! That was my first time into Torque across the street from the event. I posted about it a little during the event including this pic which I think is awesome.

I shared a table with Greg Zschomler of Voodoo Virus fame. Great guy and he really knows how to decorate a booth. The next table to our right was Phil Silver of PBJBooks and (Susie S. whom I'm sad to say I didn't get her contact info). I didn't want to hold the blog up to get more info on Susie, but I will be editing this part when I get a hold of Phil and get her info. Anyway, she also wrote children's chapter books.

The booths around us were really cool. I was too busy to get many pics of the awesome artwork like Bill Perkins of Artastix and Kaha Spirit arts but I they have some better pics than I could get on their websites. There were a ton there, actually and I was too busy selling to see them all. I have to highlight a couple more though.

Deda's Bakery looked so good. They gave out samples but my crazy diet (update to follow soon) doesn't allow me to enjoy such things. The loving wife part of that dynamic duo is also a writer and will soon be generating her own indie novels. Go Catherine!

I did bend the rules a bit on the diet and sample two vendor's wears: Nut-ricious makes nut butters that will make you forget you can make peanut butter. They can be found at whole foods or ordered on line, but I'd recommend visiting their booth at the Vancouver Farmer's Market. The other was a salsa by The red bicycle guy. Fantastic! The salsa and the nut butter were both on the diet but the chips weren't.

I sampled some from the table to my left which was totally on the diet. Fouresse is a shop that carries only Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars. 70 kinds. You have to try it!

I was struck by the amount of talent and hard work I saw on display. I really hadn't thought a lot about what was happening in Vancouver, WA. outside the writing circles I travel in. So here's some photos I did get.

Finally, I want to mention a cool guy named Nicholas Tomihama. I didn't recognize him at first, but then I realized that I've been following his videos for ages. Nic makes PBC bows and writes books about it. He has a lot of videos on the topic also. You need to check those out.

Thanks again for reading. It's been fun so far, and the adventure will continue. The goal is to post an update on my diet tomorrow, but I'm out of time now and I had to catch you up to last Sunday. We'll also get a couple of these awesome authors to guest blog soon, so lots of fun to come.

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