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Friday, August 23, 2013

Update on Diet

I'm trying not to weigh myself but once a week, and I don't count weight but as one indicator. I finally did weigh myself early just to get number for the end of Cycle 1. I was up 4 lbs. Such is life. Lots of things could account for that. So I shall weigh myself again next week and see where I'm at.

In my continuing effort to try new things that I can have on the virgin diet I've tried another tanka meet. This one was more reasonably priced, around $1.50 for a pepperony stick. I t was good and I felt good after eating it.

I also tried a Thunderbird energetica bar7 grams of protein from Pea and Quinoa.
The price was okay at just over a dollar. I tried to flavors. They tasted okay, but had an odd consistency. It could be partly the heat that day.

Finally, I really enjoyed my Organic Food Bar.
I give that the coveted 3 out of 3 for taste, flavor, and price.

Update on Writing!
My editing business is going really well. I'm pretty busy with meetings. Now I just need to squeeze in some writing time. LOL. Actually I've changed up the lineup of this years writing, which will make a lot of people happy. The time has finally come to put my sequel to Suffering Rancor at the front of the pack. So I've dug out the scraps I was working on and created a rough outline. I'm not going to draft it until November though, as I have to deal with editing "Footless" when I get it back from my awesome first readers. Ideally in the next 10 days.

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