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Monday, August 12, 2013

Diet Update and More!

Well this is a good time to do my next diet update. I won't weigh myself again until tomorrow but I finally feel pretty consistently good. I've got good energy today. I helped a friend moved some boxes to storage and now I'm at coffee to get some things done. I'm making every effort to get out of the house and start work early (I've got a bunch of gigs all of a sudden), but that didn't go so well on day one. I slept through the alarm until my normal wake up time. But I feel good and that counts for something. I've only got one week left of cycle 1, then I've got to figure out how I want to do cycle 2. It's tempting just to follow her directions exactly, but I really want to get to my 'new' normal (cycle 3) so I can start figuring out how to cut costs. This healthy crap is expensive.

I decided to try a new product or two each week and rate them based on taste, price and how I feel after eating them. It didn't occur to me to report back on that here. I wish it had, because I need to start tracking this sort of info. I don't think I can catch up but I'll do two today.

First is tanka bars, which are buffalo and cranberry juice jerky type stuff. I threw away the wrapper so I looked up the website and it seems they offer several products. The only one I saw at whole foods was two flavors of the bar. The one I've eaten so far was billed as spicy and didn't disappoint. I've got another one at home that says it's hotter. I liked the one I had so I'm looking forward to the other. The flavor was fantastic which was refreshing. I've had quite a few misses in a row. The size was about 3 bites and I felt fine after eating it. The cost was terrible at $3.50. So over all I give it 2 out of three stars.

The other product I tried was called Super by Happy Squeeze. It's packaged like a drink but I'd put it in the applesauce category. Only 100 cals per container and I found the containers quite convenient. The flavor was great compared to a lot of the healthy stuff I've tried. I bought pomegranate,  blueberry, pear and salba. Good stuff. The best thing about this was the price. I don't recall exactly but I found it at winco for around $1.00 on sale. It was with the survival food in a bucket that winco has been selling lately (interesting times we live in, eh?). It doesn't have to be refrigerated until opened, which is a big plus for me. Technically this is probably baby food but I found it refreshing and felt good after eating it. I give it 3 out of 3 stars.

Today's child safe joke: What does a fish say when it completes a mission?
Fishion accomplished.

Today's senior safe joke:
A respectable lady rescued a couple female parrots from a shelter only to discover they used foul language. Worst of all they'd spout indecent proposals like, "hey big boy, why don'cha come inside and I'll blow your mind."
In frustration the lady consulted her parson who assured her that his two boy parrots would reform her wayward birds because all they did every day was pray. So the lady brought her two birds over and stuck them in the cage with the parson's birds.
Immediately, one of the lady parrots said, "Come on over big boy." The other lady bird said, "Polly wants more than a cracker."
"Hallelujah!" exclaimed one of the boy birds. The other agreed, "Thank God, our prayers have finally been answered."

Everyone have great day. If I keep feeling this good, I'm going to strongly recommend the Virgin diet for everyone. Sooo....stay tuned for more of Andy experimenting on himself so you don't have to.

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