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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Health update! Updated...

Well, its week number 2 at the exact same weight. Pretty discouraging considering how miserable the diet is. I'm going to have to tweak something. Kristin wants to increase the exercise component. On that theme, we went hiking on Saturday at the beach. It was a beautiful day. She picked a moderate trail...

You can't see in the pictures but it was straight up and down the whole way. After climbing the equivalent of 10 flights of stairs (up and down) I threw in the towel and we turned back to the car. So we did about two miles and 20 flights of stairs. I could barely stand. Then we parked a thousand yards from the beach (the closest spot) and walked there for a picnic. I wanted to die. I don't think I'd normally have had a problem with the hike. I feel like the diet (30 day fast) has left me week. My spine and joints ache all the time these days. Anyway, Sunday I got to play test a new game for Firelit games. Looks like it's got potential. Then I helped a friend move some boxes to storage. We couldn't finish so I did another couple loads this morning. So my point is, I think I get exercise.

To tell the truth I could fall asleep right now, and I'm so far behind on my editing that I don't dare.
Okay here's the promised update part. I may have mentioned this product before but the Go Raw brand has been consistently good and consistently expensive. It makes a good item to have sitting around for those days that you don't have time to pack a healthy lunch. I wish I could say that it fills me up by itself but it's like half an ounce of thin wafer. Even so, it's like elven way bread--very filling. So next time you need a snack and have $3.50 to throw at it grab a go raw bar.

Here's a couple pics of the moderate trail out to Indian Beach.

I'm feeling a bit better today. I've implemented a couple ORG strategies to mitigate the run about that's been plaguing me lately. So don't be surprised if you get an auto-responder when you email me. Desperate times call for desperate measures and I've got to play catch up for a few weeks. Have a great day all!

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