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Friday, November 22, 2013

Health Post # something, anyway GLUTEN!!!

At one point the goal of this blog was to cover certain topics on certain days. I love the idea and it worked for awhile, but life has been crazy this year. Good grief! So I'm lucky to get back at it, but they are totally out of order. LOL! Soon order will return. SOOOON...

I've personally done research into the gluten thing and I can assure you, we have engineer gluten enriched wheat, etc., and we use it in almost everything as a thickener, AND we have a cross contamination issue because of the institutional processing of food. So I'm not crying wolf when I say this is a going concern for health in America.

We need to grasp just a few quick facts that even health experts seem to struggle to articulate:
#1 Gluten is naturally occurring but for reasons mentioned above American's consume for to much.
#2 Intolerance is different from a true allergy. Food allergies are serious, but rare. Intolerance is a widespread issue that leads to a host of secondary chronic issues.
#3 Food intolerance can be hard to spot as they can show up days later.
#4 The key reaction to foods you can't tolerate is that your immune system turns on to fight the reaction. This causes immune systems fatigue, which leads to obvious side effects.
#5 Gluten causes a host of issues that prevent healthy digestion, but worst of all it can lead to insulin resistance, which creates a vicious glycemic cycle. (Sluggish bowels crave carbs and sugar, eat either one and trigger spike in blood sugar, blocked 'insensitive' receptors fail to shut off insulin response, now you feel hungry on a full stomach and your organs are wearing out.)

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