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Friday, November 22, 2013

Pics that will make you flinch, and an update of course

Here's some cool pictures taken from:

I would also like to announce that one of my secret projects has finally launched. It was a pleasure to work with Zahara to do her remarkable life story. I may have another couple ghost bios lined up, also for folks with extra-ordinary lives. For now, check this one out, I think you'll be just as stunned as when you see the photos above.

Orphaned at age six, Zahara faced a future of emotional and physical abuse, and arranged marriage with little hope of peace. When the friendly man with the beautiful roses across the street introduced her to Christianity, she began to dream of a better future. A future where hard work brought income, independence, and love from a blue-eyed cowboy. The journey to find a better life took unbelievable twists and lead through unimaginable danger and heartache, but Zahara never gave up. This modern-day immigration story will inspire you to believe that faith and determination still triumph in the end.

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