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Friday, November 1, 2013

Upcoming Promo and quick update on NaNoWriMo

Well, November is fast becoming my new favorite month. In addition to No Shave November and Thanksgiving, it's also National Novel Writing Month (as I've talked a lot about in past years). If you'd like to join NaNo don't stress about being behind, you can still catch up. Go here and register. Search for Sir Bunch to friend me on the site.

I met with a great pack of writers at the Portland Airport last night and we all started writing at midnight. I wrote over 3k before I packed it in. Yes I'm beat today, but hey, if I didn't write at all today I'd still be on track. I'm giving myself a lot of grace this year though, because of the other reason November is becoming the best month ever--I'm getting married November 9th in Sacramento. To answer FAQ's: Yes she's a real live woman. No, she's not blind. Yes, she knows I'm a writer. What can I say, it only took forty-two years to find her.

So to celebrate you can get my short story "The Dark Djin" for free on Kindle from November 8th to 12th. That story will appear along with nine others in my upcoming anthology.

Then on November 15th, my next co-authored non-fiction is due out. This is an amazing story of a woman's journey to freedom in America. Links to be inserted when they are available.

ATTENTION UPDATE! "I Didn't Give Up," is out at last and here's the link:

Finally, I'm trying out Amazon's newest promo trick, Countdown, on my fantasy, "Suffering Rancor". It will be available for $0.99 from December 2nd to 5th in the US and 2nd to 6th in the UK. That'll be a great way to celebrate having drafted the bulk of Defying Rancor (the sequel) this month. I don't have a release date set for Defying Rancor but lets call it Fall of 2014.

The next fiction book I will release will be my short story anthology, "A Denny's Tales: 21st Century Midnight Mythology," at the end of March. Other projects in the pipeline include mystery thriller, "Vancouver Scooter Club Mystery #1: Footless and Fancy Free." Again, the date isn't firm, but look for it Spring of 2014.

I have two halfway drafted novels, therefore distant future projects: A Magic Realism/Christian Urban Fantasy set in the 1980's called "Team US!" and a SciFi/Space Opera named "Dark and Derelict." Look for those in 2015.

So I confess that I didn't get two novels and the anthology out in 2013, but I did draft 100k words and ghost write a novel, and will bring it out this year, publish a short story, edit a poetry anthology which will also be out before Christmas, attend half a dozen sales/promotional events, oh and find a wife! Give me a break! Seriously, someone give me a break, please.

PS On the diet front, I did gain back the 20lbs I lost, so I'm going to have to do something about that again soon. I'm not going to stress it until after November 15th. I did join a gym and I'm going to be swimming 3 times a week all November, but I'm not going back on the the starvation diet until after my honeymoon. Get real. LOL. Did I mention that I moved to Beaverton in the middle of all this. Yeah, been busy thanks. I don't want to hear any of my little droogies complaining that they don't have time to write.

I'd have gotten 50% more done if I'd stressed less. I'm strongly endorsing a book called "the Power of Full Engagement." I'm reading and loving it so far.

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