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Monday, December 16, 2013

It's not ALL about the blade.

Okay, I'm still passionate about survival. Not because I'm a whack job (I am but that's a coincidence). It's because you're crazy if you live your life like nothing will ever go wrong. The largely misunderstood zombie Apocalypse has caught on so well because there newest generations are painfully aware that they lack skills due to the ease of life these days.

While some folks freak out that calculator and spell check will ruin our ability to think, it's a very real issue that most people can't start a fire without a lighter. So, I've decided my interest in all things survival is justified enough for me to take it out for a walk once in a while.

Most of the time I refer to some of the basics like having a knife of some sort easily accessible. Which gets right to the core problem I mentioned earlier. Society has decided at anyone who is armed in any fashion must intend to harm someone. How about the fact that most weapons are also tools, (and to be fair, most tools are actually weapons). There are literally hundreds of ways to kill someone that don't involve a tiny blade such as this. Your ability to harm someone with this knife is very low, your chances of surviving a life threatening situation with a knife like this is drastically higher than without it. Which, ironically, means the people who deny you the ability to carry such a thing are actually putting you at risk. Who's the monster now? Huh?

Well lets take a fast detour and think beyond the typical zombie scenario, to the more mundane fire, flood, mudslide, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or NBA loss inspired riot. There's some other things you might want to do.

And while were talking about backups... here's a list of documents you might want to be able to grab and take with you at a moments notice.

Oh and have a thumb drive for each kid with their important info, and RECENT pictures, because kids do get snatched and the faster the missing kids posters go up the better. I asked my mom what my blood type was the other day (ashamed to admit I don't know what it is). She hung her head and said, "I don't know."

So I got curious and the next time I went to see my Doctor he said, "I'm sorry I don't know either. We don't check for that when we draw blood." I was shocked. Apparently the labs charge an arm and a leg for something I learned to do in high school biology. You actually have to go donate blood to the red cross if you want to find out for a price you can handle. But hey, go donate blood anyway, right?

Well that's about all you can handle for today. Hope you are having a very merry Christmas!

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