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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Merry Christmas from an Amazing Violinist

Watch this kick butt video and enjoy the update below.


First, I want to promote my most recent ghosting gig. I'm very proud of this one. It's really more of a co-authorship as the story is true and told by the woman who lived it. I was lucky enough be the one who got to record it for her. "I Didn't Give up," by Zahara, check that out on Amazon or Kindle . (or Barns and Noble)

I'm still trying to get down to Silverton for the Arts Festival, but the weather is not cooperating.

So much going on, but not much of it is high visibility. On the home front, I'm absorbing a course in marketing. It's mind blowing. I'm stoked. I hope to come out of it a much better promoter for my own work and to help some of my friends and some worthy causes I support.

Please consider giving to the Narvel's as they spread God's love at Myrtle Beach.
I'm also very proud of the work Bill Harbeck is doing in a field that most people don't even want to talk about. Check it out here:

When I'm not studying for my new course, I'm planning Christmas activities or enjoying time with my new wife, but I am also excited to get back to some editing. I've just gotten the next installment from a client and I'm eager to dig into it.

What's coming up in the New Year? I've got another ghosting gig lined up and I'm looking forward to that. I'm also going to edit, revise, and generally get everything ready to publish my short story anthology by the end of February. If you want to read an example of the stories in there here's a link.

And here's a bonus video, 'cause I love yah!

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