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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another Quick Update and Indie Recon Info

I know I'm behind a little in updating my progress toward my 2014 goals, etc. Tomorrow is the end of a very short, and very quick month. I will be at Worship NW with Greg Zschomler as mentioned before, this weekend so I need to do my end of month contemplation a day early and I haven't been keeping up.

First let me remind everyone of IndieReCon. Today is the last day but they archive the discussion and there's so much information you will be unpacking it for a month. Most of my friends who're keeping up with it have suddenly bolted over to ACX to begin the audiobook process. Some of my author friends even last weekend before Indierecon were finally at that stage. I'm glad to have had some experience with that already, it feels good to be ahead of the curve for once, LOL. Anyway, Indierecon is free and well worth checking out.

It's not too late to enter to win a free Kobo either. Follow this link.

So to update: I finished my course in copy writing. I'm literally brimming with know-how on the topic and have already jotted down 55 pages of notes which I intend to clean up as part of the next phase. The next phase in short, is setting up business. On the practical front I need to set up a webpage, register TaleScribe in Oregon, print business cards and start pursuing clients. Before I can launch into that, I've got some pondering to do this weekend on the topics of strategy, branding, and what sort of niche to pursue. I'm looking forward to March with much anticipation.

I also roughed out a 20 page ebook on the topic of hand selling, which I wanted to have finished before the Home and Garden Show last weekend, but that didn't quite happen. I still think I can get it polished up among the other things that must happen in March.

RE Reading: I did catch up a ton on my too read pile (read/reviewed 4 books), and was able to swap books with two writers last weekend. I still have about a dozen must reads in my electronic pile but only two in my physical book pile and that feels great.

RE Organizing: I've whipped through my project hopper, which I'm proud to announce is still working well to track my goals/projects and progress. I will be redefining categories a little as a result of my upcoming rebranding project, but that's not too destructive to the overall layout.

On the Writing Front: I've had to face realities about what I can accomplish and make strategic decisions about what wasn't going to happen in the tight time frame I laid out for myself. So I've officially scrapped the idea of getting 3 books out this year. It's too important that I have the sequel to Suffering Rancor out by the end of the year and by moving my mystery novel to winter 2015 I was able to greatly decompress my anthology timeline and move up the planning stages of Suffering Rancor 2. Now all planning on that sequel should take place prior to the baby coming and I'll only have to worry about drafting in the months of my wife's maternity leave. That's a lot more doable.

By giving more time to work on my anthology I can throw resources at developing my Freelance Copy Writing Business, Tale Scribe, which is a priority. If Denny's Tales isn't done by the end of March when I need to start on Rancor 2 I'll have a huge dilemma on my hands. Here's a quick look at the new arrangement of my hopper. Excitement and Opportunity abound!

Update Weebly
Marketing Shortlist
Sales Tracking
BUILD capture page
Write/Pub/Market checklist_google doc Mar
Denny's Tales Anthology wk1
Denny's Tales Anthology wk2
Denny's Tales Anthology wk3
Figure out Kobo affiliate stuff wk4
Do more with goodreads Apr
Draft Anthology Connctive Tissue wk1
Draft Anthology Connctive Tissue wk2
Pub Denny's Tales CS & KDP wk3
Launch Party Denny's Tales wk4
Trick out Vendor space May
Re-Read Rancor 1 wk1
Re-Read Rancor 1 wk2
Scene by scene outline Rancor 2 wk3
Scene by scene outline Rancor 2 wk4
Add Marketing steps to this column June
Baby Blackout! wk1

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