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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Journal Update.2/9/14

Well it's day 4 being housebound and the stir crazy has set in. My wife worked a half day on Thursday and we got some groceries Friday but she doesn't have the tolerance I do for spending long hours cooped up inside. As a writer and an INTJ personality where the I is almost an E, I have a love/hate thing with being housebound. I'll spare you further details and just describe this weekend in one paragraph.

I've been super productive. I caught up on the marketing class I'm taking (well, I was two weeks behind, now only one). I caught up on laundry, processed 150 out of 750 emails (I was caught up until Christmas and 3 weeks of the flu), and read/viewed 10 items in my read/view file (12 items remain). I mangled my beard, which is okay because not that many people are going to see it before I grow it back. I figured out how to use hootsuite and successfully did something with twitter for a change. I added a dozen lines to my marketing shortlist file (things I'm going to put into play the moment I finish this marketing course: 2/17/14) I caught up my massive project hopper and reorganized my "to do" lists. I finished and reviewed 2 awesome books by NIWA members. I also watched a heck of a lot of the Olympics, which is something I always want to do and somehow usually miss a lot of.

Must do items that remain: Organize my new office space (see pic), finish making excel spreadsheets to track my online and handsales of all my titles, watch the DVD I've had from netflicks for two weeks, and watch more Olympics. If I can I'd like to start the next novel I promised to read and review.

The challenge is this. We've reached the end of our ability to cope with the coop. Well, my wife has. While I'm blissfully trapped with my giant list of things I need to do, she's trapped away from everything. Don't get me wrong I'm feeling it too. My metabolism is slowed to a crawl. My spin and joints are stiff. And my mental focus is starting to wear thin. I have a hunch today, the most dangerous day of all of them (snow/slush is now freezing rain) is the day we must venture forth and DO SOMETHING! In hindsight, if we were going to have to get out there we should have done it yesterday, and I confess my wife brought it up several times. She's smart like that. I just was getting SO MUCH done.

I still am, but it doesn't matter. My efficiency is going down rapidly for two reasons. 1) I've been physically inactive for a bit too long and 2) my wife has begun breaking my concentration every 30 to 45 seconds. Seriously, she's pacing. So I think we're going to bundle up and walk over to the LA fitness and see if they are open. If they are, I'll feel extra sheepish because we could be full on working out this whole time. Such is life. Well I'm off to bundle up. Wish me luck.

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