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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quick Update on all things Andy

Hello all!

I'm busily prepping for the Fall Home and Garden Show. I can't believe it's here already. We set up tonight. I wanted to complete the first of the two marketing classes I'm taking this winter before this show so that I could clear some mental RAM. I'm doing a show next weekend as well, Worship NW, with Greg Zschomler. More information on that on his Blog 

Greg's book LCW will not be available until the 28th so it's not at the Home and Garden Show this weekend but his new cook book will be:

In the week in between I've got a couple exciting things. On Tuesday, February 25th, I'll be helping Zahara sign her books at the Clark College bookstore from 1pm to 2pm. (I think it may start earlier than that but I'm not sure.) I was very honored to have assisted in writing this book and we've got the amazing Pam Bainbridge-Cowan to thank for the awesome cover and editing assistance.

Also that week, Tuesday through Thursday, check out the online conference, IndieRecon. This is the second year for the conference, and the first year had 10,000 participants. So check it out. It's free.

The end of next month is the deadline for the NIWA Anthology submissions. If you'd like to be involved start writing soon.

From the Organizer:
The deadline for submitting your story or poem for consideration for the 2014 Anthology is coming up on March 31st!

The theme this year is "underground," whatever that term conjures for you. Details are available here:

I suspect that most submissions will be speculative fiction, but we're open to poetry and more. If you have a question about an idea or a piece you'd like to submit, you can contact me directly.

I'll start updating this space with regular reminders. Hopefully this will spur your creative fingers to writing (rather than my making a nag of myself).

I look forward to your entries!

-- Jen
Other than that I'm finally catching up on reviews. I just reviewed these Indie books, most of which will be available this weekend at the Home and Garden Show.

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