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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fun with Alliteration

I stole this from
Marcus GeduldPublished author, lifelong reader.
Andrew asked Annabel about Alcoholic's Anonymous. But because babes buy bubbly beverages, Bel bickered. Can't couples communicate? Duh! Drunk dumb-dumbs debate. Everyone enjoys elocution. Flibbertigibbets flatter fellas; fellas fraternize. God, gabbers get grating! However, handsome hombres have healthy habits. I include Ignatz. Jesus! Jennifer justifies jealous jeering. Kindness keeps kin kinda kinky. Luckily, lovers likely love licking luscious legs. Meanwhile, Marcus marvelously mangles meaning. No! Neither nuance nor novelty negates negativity. Only Ontology, Orientalism, or Orthography obviates overdoing Occultism. Perhaps purple prose permeates popular periodicals. Quite! Quit quibbling! Quixotically queer queens quip quietly. Right? Radical reactionaries really resent redundancies. Really, really, really! So, stay silently stealthy. The timidity towards Teutonic tonic turns technically terrific talk to tittle-tattle. Understand? Unlikely. Unless users utilize unusual unicode. Very vexing! Well, we will wait without worrying, won't we? What words will we write? "Xu"? "Xi"? "Xis"? "Xyst?" Yes! You yammering yokels yack, yack, yack. Yawn! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ..

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