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Friday, April 11, 2014

Pin Some Pics of Paradises'

Pinterist fans: Here's some links to amazing pictures of awesome places that I look forward to visiting--though I have not quite figured out how to get there yet (but I will).

I want to put in a special plug for Myrtle Beach, SC as my friends Jack and Jan Narvel run a YWAM base there. So let me know if you want to combine a vacation with a mission trip and I'll help you connect. Maybe you can schedule time to visit and volunteer.

Hawaii, my home
35 pins·Malia Yoshioka
Travel - Maldives
59 pins·Aki K
Caribbean (my photos...
54 pins·Dan Armstrong
Myrtle Beach, SC
25 pins·Kevin Johnson
Tropical Destination...
27 pins·Ordinary Travel...
The Beaches of New E...
19 pins·Jodi Grundig
Beaches of the World
19 pins·Gary Arndt
Travel to Gulf Coast...
16 pins·Amy Moore
Beach Destinations
67 pins·Dragana V.N.
Atlantic Coast Beach...
39 pins·Lucille Otto

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