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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A quick pick me up!

In case I didn't mention it when I did last Wednesday's update, I am still intending to polish up my ebook on hand-selling your Indie novel and releasing it for sale later this month. In fact I'm going to be releasing a series of books on marketing this year. All of them will be short and at this point I intend to release them only as inexpensive ebooks.

Also coming this month, Zahara will be reading from the book I helped her write at the Bards and Brews on the last Friday of  March. Poster below. My next Bards and Brews experience will be May 30th and we don't have a poster yet for that--mostly because your's truly hadn't finalized the title of his anthology. I will be reading from...(drum roll please) "Diner Tales: A Contemporary Canterbury Anthology." I'm working with Pam again for a cover and hope to have it early next very soon.

I've also contacted Fred Wolinski, who voiced and produced the first standalone audio short from this collection for me. I wanted him to have first crack at doing the rest of them. We'll see how that works out.

I intend to release that anthology just ahead of my May 30 B & B reading.

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