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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life Update

I wanted to apologize for the big gap in posts earlier this month, followed by mostly guest posts instead of original posts. I have been distracted. My wife's pregnancy isn't on a "normal" track. Nothing terrible has happened, but my wife is having to work from home a little more and they tell us we will be delivering early. It's been a turbulent week and we're retooling.

One change is that I'm trying to nail down a steady freelance gig or find a regular job to try to bring in supplemental income. I've been frustrated by some near misses lately. I've literally been told, "you're very qualified and we might call you in the near future but we went with someone else." So that's been challenging.

My organizing and branding projects have been trucking along though. I'm doing a GTD implementation of WorkFlowy.  Its going well. I like that platform. Simple. Elegant. I can recommend it with gusto.

Re: Branding,
I'm going with 3 brands--Sir Bunch: Cleric, Sir Bunch: Author, & Sir Bunch: TaleScribe
I'm going to channel my outputs into these categories. Cleric is for my Christian non-fiction, Author is for my fiction, and TaleScribe is for my other non-fiction and freelance writing/editing business. I have some pretty specific plans for products in each category. They came together much faster than I feared they would because it's more closely mirrored the input models I've been developing for two years. Not perfectly, but better than I anticipated.

I'll give more details on the branding efforts soon. Prayers appreciated. God Bless.

PS Got to see the third movie since I've been married last night for date night. We saw, "God's Not Dead." It's really good. Go see it.

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